Our mission

Be the catalyst for carbon farming. We develop analytics and tools that help grow healthy food on healthy soil, globally.

Who we are & What we do

We are an international and purpose-driven team with different roots and backgrounds that perfectly balance agronomic knowledge with A.I. skills.

We share the common vision to map the world’s soils in 3D.

SmartCloudFarming, in a nutshell, is your soil expert at your service!

Start to see more from your soil: 3D maps from today or from yesterday using our technology platform. We turn data into analytics to help support your farming actions.

A practical, accurate, and scalable platform to empower your regenerative farming ambitions and net-zero goals.

If you are a farmer, a landowneragri-food company or you deal with carbon offsets, carbon inset, or carbon credits: look no more, you are in the right place.

The dream team

Michele Bandecchi 

My role: Managing Director and Strategy

Marko Pavlović

My role: Product Development and Innovation

Prof.Dr.Dubravko Culibrk

My role: ML/AI development

Dr.Dylan Warren Raffa

My role: Lead Agronomist

Nenad Antonić

My role: GIS and geodata analyst

Karlo, Nedeljko, Thomas, Daniel, James, Joaquim

Our roles: AI/ML engineering, business development, finance, regenerative agriculture.

Our values



We are committed to being open, honest and straightforward. We need to build a long-term soil health farming system, together, and this can only be done with trust and transparency. We put it in first place.


Data security

We protect your data and farm information with the best technology and competencies from our partner Fraunhofer AISEC (ISO/SAE 21434 standard). If data security is important for you, for us it is more important.


People first

We talk, exchange and connect, because the people always come first for us. People are the drivers of changes, in farming more than anything, and we are here at your service to empower you.


Bigger picture

We see everything connected, in agriculture and especially in soil health. We are working hard to deliver solutions with a bigger picture by design. At the same time we can put things in perspective and focus on what really matters, today.

ML/RS team working in Serbia
SCF’s workshop in Pisa
EIT FAN Bilbao 2022

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We’d love to know more about how we can help your business to reach and track your net-zero goals or carbon inset.

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