A Small Company with a Worldwide Mission​

In early 2019, SmartCloudFarming was formed by plant biotechnologist Michele Bandecchi with the holistic intention of revolutionizing sustainable farming and the soil intelligence world.

In the following years, Michele began recruiting the best minds in agronomics and artificial intelligence, synergistically building and patenting the deep-learning models that comprise the bedrock of SmartCloudFarming’s services.

Our current mission lies with your farm’s success, although our future vision is far more expansive. With upcoming products focusing on crop yield forecasting and soil biodiversity, we aim to enhance agricultural supply, guaranteeing food security for all people, at all times.

Meet the Team Making a Difference

Michele Bandecchi (CEO)

SmartCloudFarming’s founder. Since 2019, Michele has single-handedly recruited and provided guidance for the team, helping to actualize the company’s vision and services.

Prof. Dr. Dubravko Culibrk (CSO)

The company’s Head of Science is a professor at the University of Novi Sad and the Director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and the Development of Serbia.

Marko Pavlovic (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer. Marko is working as a Researcher at Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and the Development of Serbia and completing his PhD at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

Dr. Dylan Warren Raffa (Head of Agronomy/CPO)

A part-time researcher at the Italian Council of Agricultural Research and Economics with a PhD in Agrobiodiversity from the University of Sant’Anna, Pisa, Raffa is also responsible for the steady development of new products, ensuring they operate with efficiency and accuracy and in compliance with international regulations.

Nenad Antonic (GIS Officer)

SmartCloudFarming’s very own geodata specialist, Nenad has over a decade of experience in the integration of geo-referential data for a range of agricultural products. His focus lies in the visualization of your soil intelligence data on the user interface, ensuring our platforms are navigable, informative, and intuitive.

The Wider Team

The SCF team also consists of 3 machine learning and 2 business development work students rotating on a 12-month cycle. Our expertise is further bolstered by 4 mentors: Nicky Deasy, Thomas Samuel, James Taylor, and Joaquim Macedo de Sousa, who ensure our product remains the best-in-market.

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What Makes SmartCloudFarming Unique?

Cost-Efficient and Quick

Our models operate 15,000 times faster than soil labs while also reducing overhead by a factor of 250. No matter your farm’s size, you are guaranteed a wealth of advanced soil analytics with less than a day’s notice, starting at prices of just €0.19 per hectare.

The Choice is in Your Hands

Opt for maximum efficiency with the global GEAIM package, which leverages satellite imagery to produce zero-sample soil maps at a quantification accuracy of 81%. Boost the analytical accuracy to 88% with our locally calibrated LAIM model. Requiring a summed sample space of only 0.3% of the total scanned area, you can save thousands of hours of stratified soil data collection, all while retaining reliability.

Secure, Innovative, and Private

Free to operate as we please, SmartCloudFarming is not owned by any large corporations. Our mission lies solely with your farm and its regenerative ambitions, utilizing patented models that collect and learn from your soil intelligence data without ever storing it.