AgriLife increased yield per hectare by 8% working on the soil. Call it magic!


AgriLife is a worldwide agri-food producer who serves as a supplier for large food processing conglomerates. Their land banks are estimated at several million hectares in 3 countries (India, China, Thailand).

Lately, instead of acquiring more land, they decided to increase yield by upgrading their technology within the existing properties. After conducting costly manual soil sampling schemes, they found inconsistencies throughout their farms, concluding that many parameters they used in their operations were off from fertilizer usage up to utilizing farm sectors that should not be used and vice-versa. 

They decided to reach us, SmartCloudFarming, to validate those results, which were not precisely spatially accurate since it was done through manual sampling. We implemented our Soil Analytics System for them starting in 5 major farms of 43,000 hectares. We found a valuable insight that demonstrated those samplings were wrong in many aspects. We were able to provide them with a thorough mapping with site-specific analytics showing features of their properties. On top of that, we included an organic soil carbon analysis from their past year, yielding incredible insight. This allowed them to tailor their operations with a never-before-seen level of specificity. Rearranging what was needed and in 6 months, their yield for those same farms increased drastically while pesticides’ consumption diminished. AgriLife even used less land overall to achieve this fantastic result.


The Client

AgriLife is a global-scale producer of several crops that have been used as the main supply for large food processing conglomerates since 1972. Their land banks are estimated at several million acres in 3 countries (India, China, Thailand) and hundreds of farmers within the community. 

For the past 20 years, they have managed their operations through a tech-driven approach, understanding the industry as a scientific fact. Knowing that if something can be measured, it can be improved.


The Challenge

Top industry players become larger as years go by, and staying profitable, competitive and dominant is no easy task. A new company with better technology can easily tackle an old one full of experience and track record in no time. Since AgriLife fully understands this, they needed to increase their production yield as if they had acquired extra land. The challenge was that they needed to accomplish it only by optimizing existing farms and properties. To get this done, they needed a clear understanding in real-time of what was going on in their soils. A full lifelike representation of their farm’s soil exact condition features.


The Solution

SmartCloudFarming implemented their Agri-Tech Scientific Measurement package, specifically the Soil Analytics Service, through high-definition satellite imagery. We created an exact model of their surface with up to 30 cm of depth on top of detailed mineral, soil organic carbon, and soil texture maps.


The Results

The 3D maps of the soil properties detected certain particularities in many areas that helped the company understand where to use pesticide water and rearrange their crop distribution with a tailored fertilizer plan. 

  • Yield increased drastically in 6 months.
  • We used fewer pesticides.
  • We used less land, saving resources from areas that will never yield.

“We did this as a leap of faith. But the results show for themselves what SmartCloud Farming can do. It proves that the scientific approach to agriculture is the future approach. Of better companies, higher returns and a greener world.” – [E.C., AgriLife ].

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