A Major Farming Company Boosts Yield by 3% Through Advanced Soil Analytics


A renowned global farming company, which serves major alcoholic beverages processing conglomerates, manages vast land banks spanning millions of hectares across three key countries. Recently, they shifted their focus from expanding land holdings to enhancing crop yield through the integration of cutting-edge technology on existing properties. After their traditional manual soil sampling exposed discrepancies in soil management—from fertilizer application to farm sector utilization—they sought to validate these findings using a more advanced approach.

Turning to our solutions at SmartCloudFarming, we deployed our Soil Analytics System on five of their primary farms, spanning 43,000 hectares. Our insights revealed numerous inaccuracies in their previous samplings. Providing a comprehensive map replete with site-specific analytics, coupled with a retrospective organic soil carbon analysis, they re-strategized their operations with unparalleled precision. Within 18 months, there was a notable increase in yield, decreased pesticide usage, and overall better land utilization.

The Client

This farming company, a significant producer of various crops, has been a pivotal supplier to large alcoholic beverages giants since 1972. Their expansive land holdings are distributed across three countries and engage hundreds within the farming community. For the last two decades, they have adopted a tech-centric approach to farming, holding the belief that measurable factors can invariably be enhanced.

The Challenge

Leading entities in the agri-sector continually strive for growth, balancing profitability, competitiveness, and industry leadership. In this fast-paced environment, the company aimed to boost their crop yield to levels comparable to what they might achieve if they had acquired additional lands. However, they were determined to reach this goal solely through optimization of their current properties. Such a bold endeavor required an in-depth, real-time analysis of soil conditions.

The Solution

Harnessing SmartCloudFarming’s Agri-Tech Scientific Measurement offering, particularly the Soil Analytics Service, we leveraged high-resolution satellite imagery. This facilitated an intricate model of their terrain, revealing data up to 30 cm deep, alongside exhaustive mineral, soil organic carbon, and texture mappings.

The Results

These detailed 3D soil maps revealed distinct variations across different zones, enabling the company to optimize pesticide application, adjust crop distribution, and create customized fertilizer plans.

  • Achieved a significant yield boost within 18 months.
  • Realized a reduction in pesticide usage.
  • Efficient land utilization, channeling resources away from non-productive areas.

“This initiative was taken with optimism, and the results emphatically underline what solutions like SmartCloudFarming bring to the table. It underscores the potential of a scientific approach in agriculture, setting the precedent for better business, superior returns, and a more sustainable future.” – [E.C.].

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