What is carbon farming?

Today, we want to break down what carbon farming means and how our 3D soil maps can revolutionize how you think of agriculture.

The concept of carbon farming has been gaining momentum in recent years.

Carbon capture removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and stores them in plant material or soil organic matter on your farm.

And it’s something to understand intimately whether you’re a farming cooperative or an agricultural company. Carbon agriculture can genuinely make a difference in how you can grow, harvest, and replenish your soil year after year.

The system of carbon farming is based on the belief that solar energy drives a farm’s ecosystem dynamics and soil fertility. The primary carrier for this radiant heat within an agricultural landscape, however—carbon- is what makes up the so-called “regenerative” agriculture, which can lead to upward spiral patterns in both productivity levels and sustainable growth over time. It’s critical to restoring balance within your soil and allows you to grow smarter, not harder, with healthy soil. 

It’s all designed to optimize the fertility of your soil and its ability to receive, store, and release energy. Carbon is the energy currency of all living systems and the medium through which solar energy enters and radiates throughout anything grown within the soil in a farm system.

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