Enhancing Sustainable Avocado Production with Soil Measurement Using Soil Intelligence Technology


An 80,000-hectare Mexican fruit producer utilized soil intelligence technology, combined with AI and deep neural networks, for precise soil measurement and subsequently identified suppliers not adhering to sustainable practices.


The skyrocketing demand for avocados, especially among millennials, has put suppliers under immense pressure, causing some to resort to environmentally harmful methods. Central and South America, with their topographical advantage, have become pivotal players in the avocado industry, now worth $5.6 billion annually. However, amidst this boom, sustainability was often compromised.

For the Mexican fruit producer, overseeing sustainable practices across 80,000 hectares was a monumental task. Traditional soil measurement methods for such vast terrains weren’t practical or cost-effective.


To resolve this, the producer turned to advanced soil measurement techniques using soil intelligence technology. This tool blends satellite imagery with AI to provide comprehensive data on carbon content, moisture, and nutrient levels. Through this approach, they discovered that 37% of suppliers were not practicing sustainable methods. Armed with this information, the producer could swiftly make necessary corrections to their supply chain.


  1. Cost Efficiency: Soil intelligence offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional soil measurement practices.
  2. Enhanced Speed and Precision: Provides quicker and more accurate assessments compared to manual soil measurement methods.
  3. Promotion of Sustainability: Enables businesses to pinpoint and rectify unsustainable farming practices.
  4. Communication: Enables transparent sharing of sustainability initiatives, fostering greater trust with customers.

The company employed the GEAIM (Global Enhanced-AI mapping) package, which guarantees up to 81% accuracy at a budget-friendly price point. This choice was not only cost-effective but also satisfied the company’s precision needs in soil measurement.

By adopting soil intelligence technology, the producer achieved a staggering 99% reduction in both time and expenses. Conventional soil measurement across the 80,000 hectares would have taken two years and cost €6.8 million. With the new technology, results were attained in mere weeks at a cost of just less than €40,000.


Incorporating soil intelligence technology, especially for soil measurement, is vital for businesses aiming to enhance their sustainability measures. As the demand for eco-friendly products continues to grow, this technology will play a crucial role in defining market leaders.