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Tap Into Your Farm’s Hidden Soil Carbon Sequestration Potential

We are SmartCloudFarming, a Berlin-based company that seeks to empower agricultural companies worldwide with soil intelligence. The perfect blend of agricultural and machine learning expertise, our team has leveraged front-line A.I. to build extensive FAO-adherent 3D soil mapping services at a depth of 30cm, allowing you to accurately measure your carbon stock at only 0.1% of the price per hectare compared to soil lab alternatives.

Industry-Leading Soil Carbon Verification Services with Stellar Scalability

All our services are spearheaded by highly accurate Deep Neural Networks, monitoring soil parameters with both speed and scale at up to 15,000 hectares per hour.
With traditional soil sampling techniques, scanning large areas would take decades. 

Perfect for farms of all sizes, you too can see your soil from a new perspective in less than 24 hours* with our local (LAIM) or global (GEAIM) solutions.  Our solution advantages in a nutshell.

*=depends on location and fragmentation of the area of interest

Who are we serving / empowering?

We help companies in need of scalable, precise and trustworthy soil intelligence data for achieving their goals and KPIs.

Exclusive Soil Intelligence Offer

Special €.0,23 hectare rate. Limited offer!

  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: Harness the power of our advanced GEAIM and LAIM soil intelligence solutions.
  • Limited availability: Offering 1,000,000 hectares at promotional price, with a minimum size of 10,000 hectares per order.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Keep an eye on the remaining available hectares through this box, and take advantage of our promotional price, exclusively for this offer.

Remaining Hectares Available for Purchase:

730.000 73%

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