3D Maps for soil carbon moisture biodiversity

Scalable, accurate, remote 3D soil carbon monitoring & measurement

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Save thousands of hours of soil data collection and expensive laboratory analysis samples.

Increase your field carbon accuracy while reducing overheads.

What we are good at

We use satellite images, ground truth data, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to develop innovative and advanced analytics solutions.
We help agricultural stakeholders to measure, monitor, and visualize soil and agricultural production at scale.
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3D Soil Organic Carbon Maps

3D Soil Biodiversity Maps

3D Soil Moisture Maps

What is your soil carbon sequestration potential?

Transparency, trust, and proof. This is what the next generation of soil analytics is going to empower you with.

We can do it for you.

Accurately & spatially monitor all your fields

Farmers, landowners, agri-food companies and financial institutions can accurately  and remotely measure, report and verify their soil carbon and soil health, backed by ground truth data based on DIN EN 15936.

Track your regenerative progress and meet your climate KPIs with our remote technology platform!

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Hectares scanned in two continents
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ground truth data points from soil lab

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