Is Climate Change A Lie? Not If We Can Measure It Properly

But are we doing it the way we are supposed to?

Main Stage: Climate Change

In the last few decades, Climate Change has taken the main stage on a worldwide scale. From top-tier institutions up to leading country’s political agenda. Studies have shown us that something wrong is going on with the world. With the environment. And that likely has to do with human affairs.

By human affairs, we mean how humans, companies, and industries conduct themselves. Manufacturing new products, reaching new levels of efficiency, research, profits, revenues and even creating brand new markets. But all those society-thrusting elements, if done unregulated for a long amount of time, will certainly come at a cost. And sadly, that cost is our environment.

Is issuing an unpayable mortgage on Planet Earth worthy? Certainly not. The generation that may be destroying the planet will definitely not be alive when the consequences of their actions become irreversible…